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Some questions we get asked
I would like join. What do I do?

New and experienced players are welcome at all our training sessions. We also have dedicated Beginner’s Sessions. Please contact us here for details.

View details about cost and location here.

What do I need to bring to Training?

You’re able to train in any form of swimwear, however Speedos are ideal. Goggles are not allowed to be worn apart from the warm up/cool down or under instruction from the coach. You’ll also need a towel and commitment.

I have never played before, can I still train?

Yes. Manchester Sharks is an all abilities club and ages over 18. We strongly promote water polo and will develop your potential. All we ask is that you can swim with reasonable confidence.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

We train in a double-end deep pool (no shallow end) so you must be at ease in deep water and be able to swim a few lengths. Training involves some swimming, if you find it exhausting you can simply take a break. Given time your swimming will improve

My fitness level is quite low, can I still join?

Yes. Water Polo is a great sport for improving your over all fitness. You may feel tired for your first few sessions, but stick with it and each session gets easier as you’ll feel fitter. At any time, if you feel tired you can swim to the edge of the pool and take a breather until your ready to join in again.

What should I expect?

You’ll be welcomed from your first session. You will be able to train with players of similar ability and fitness. You will be given swim training, along with core water polo skills and a chance to play in a full friendly match, putting these skills into practice. As a team based sport, it is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends.

What is Waterpolo?

Water polo is a team water sport and it is the oldest Olympic team sport. The idea is to score goals in a net like football. click here for more Details

Where do you train?

Our Main session is every Thursday 8:30pm - 10pm at East Manchester Leisure Centre, see more information on the /training page.

Do I have to play in (a) league/tournaments?

No, you’re not expected to play in any matches. However you will be encouraged to take part, and we will make every effort regardless of your ability to ensure you’re able to take part.

What are the rules of polo?

Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) water polo’s world governing body set the rules. Check out FINA for details.

I am over 40, can I still join?

Yes. We have players of all ages from 18 up into their 50s and 60s. Age is no barrier to joining the club.

I'm a person living with HIV, can I still join?

Absolutely. Your HIV status is not an issue and you do not need to disclose your status to us.

I'm a woman, will I be ok to train with the men?

Of course. At the Sharks men and women train together, it is about your ability rather than gender. We provide a safe environment for you to train and join in. Over a third of members at the sharks are women, we have women in our first team and often the women kick the mens arses.

Is water polo a rough sport?

Although water polo is a non-contact sport, it can be close contact in some of the positions. There is always a referee so the pool is very well policed and play controlled. All players learn to be respectful of differing abilities in the pool.