Sharks (9) vs Warrington (8)

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Player of the game

Mark - With some amazing saves and silly misses, Mark saved us the game by winning a last minute 1v1, proving once and for all, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the league.

Honourable Mentions

Jake D with an exceptional game

Jack Millington with the debut of the century

Raffo (the young Alex Ferguson) starting us off with a win as Captain


Our slow start didn’t faze us, as we defended well. It’s tough to recover when you’re down in the first quarter, but we weren’t about to give up.

We started to warm up in the second, but it was still slow going. Captain Raffo gave away a penalty, but Mark made quick work of it. Fergus scored us a penalty, and Jake D scored with just seconds left in the half to give us a 2-1 lead.

The third quarter saw us go 4-1 up within the opening minutes. It’s clear at this point that Warrington were frustrated and desperate. They started lashing out, purposely picking fights and playing dirty. I’m glad we held our own. I understand it was tough, especially with the ref seemingly wanting players to get into brawls. There was some chatter back to the ref, but it was good to see our players remaining calm and collected even with the rising heat. We would lose our quick lead in the last few minutes, but come out ahead.

We would start our final quarter with a quick goal, but Warrington weren’t finished with us yet. They crawled back to within one goal with just three minutes left, and Jake D scored again to give us a two-goal lead. In the last minute, it seemed like a sure win, but Warrington scored again to make it close. With an amazing save from Mark in a last-ditch attack, we won the game 8-9.

Game Stats

2Chris Raffo12
4Jake D3
6Rick T
8Jack M
12Chris J

Some favourite player moments

Mark's amazing save at the end, Daz almost getting sent off again by the same ref, general vibes were great, and the stats we used worked.

Mark's saves were exceptional. First half was slow, but we managed to pick up the pace and improve our formation and play to grab the win. Interesting calls and some blatant dirty plays from mainly Warrington, but I think we need to hold onto the ball for longer and wait for better opportunities, etc.

Almost giving Bella a concussion (accidentally) 😂

Theo's penalty right at the goalie's chest (WHO WROTE THIS?! 😠 .... jk 🧡)

Really enjoyable game, competitive and a hard-fought team win. Great goals from Jake at important moments and a brilliant save from Mark in the last minute to make sure we came away with the win! A really great all-round team performance and an amazing start to the season!

Theo getting battered in the pit

Jack playing really well as the guest Shark 🦈

Mark's save at the end to win the game

Raffo complaining about the other team taking a time out when we did it too

Mark saving a penalty

Mark trying a shot for some unknown reason

Honestly, if everyone else didn't bloody vote for their esteemed captain, I'm walking. Other than that, Mark's big-time save, but Jake really towed the offense over the line today, so that was sick!

It was great to see Jack in a league match. Lovely surprise addition, and he worked his arse off.

Some great defending upsetting their breaks most of the times.

First half, we recognised their strongest player, and the drop worked really well. Really great team spirit, it felt like we were a unit. No bad mouthing each other or the ref. Maybe could have taken a little longer in setting up attacks and man up before the shot.

Jack played great, not once in the pool did he seem out of his depth (only shallow pool though).

Once we got our goal tally moving, some of the passes and plays across the pool were great to watch.

Mark to save the penalty and the last-minute 1v1 to give us the win.

Bella and Theo working hard up front but sadly not getting much from the ref on many occasions.

Mark's brilliant penalty save and the perfect crossbar pass for Chris R's breakaway goal.