Sharks 9 - Liverpool 7

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Player of the game

Theo - Thanks everyone ❣️

Honorable Mentions

Daz - Great goals and questionable lobs, but definitely a force to reckon with


The first quarter was a slow one, with the two teams neck and neck. The game was gripping for the crowd, but those who witnessed the action could only describe it as "slow" and "well, nothing really happened"! It was truly some exciting stuff.

The second quarter followed a similar pattern. Daz finally managed to edge out a goal after a handful of chances, but Liverpool returned fire. Once again, spectators were on the edge of their seats with a dramatic 1-1 score by halftime.

The Sharks finally seemed to understand that the point of the game was to score. "Oh?" said Robbie and Bella. "We should be trying to score more goals than Liverpool? Say less." With a combined 5 goals, including "yet" another lob by Daz, it was our best quarter and ultimately the decider.

Theo started the fourth quarter strong with a quick goal, but it appeared Liverpool were not done with us yet. There was a two-goal difference when Daz got the ball. We were a man-up and posed for an easy goal, a Liverpool player decided it was a done deal and returned to halfway, "Surely, Daz can score from 3.5 meters." He said utterly defeated.

Daz was building, building up, swimming in, and tensions were high. And yet, like many times before, Daz would blow his shot... with a lob that can only be described as "a limp flop." Liverpool would seize the opportunity for a quick goal.

Luckily, Theo had one last goal left in him, ending the game 9-7.

Game Stats

2Chris V2
5Ant K
6Rick T2
7Jack M
10Chris T

Some favorite player moments

Theo's goal top right corner from 10 meters, beautiful

Daz actually taking part in the attack and scoring,

Daz lobbing on 2.5m meters while 2 man up,

Theo's no-look shot top corner, Bella all round great plays

Loved how Bella got plenty of drives and managed to earn a couple of penalties by playing really hard and maintaining control. The whole team played super well and it was a cracking match, a very well-deserved win!

Mike fixing the goals: did we pay him extra?

Outstanding performance all round. The first quarter was super tense and the ball appeared to be cursed. Daz finally managed to break the curse and got our first goal and it just went from there. It was the most tense game in a long while, if I hadn't already trimmed my nails I'd have been biting them

The team really came together in this game. Our drop in this game was excellently implemented and really put them on the back foot. We communicated well and everyone really put in a stint.

The drop worked well and we took the big #3 out of the game for most parts. Man up we took our time and worked the ball around Man downs we forced them to use the wings and shoot from an angle and plenty of arms up to block shots"

Worked well man up man down and dropping worked really well.