Sharks (7) vs Lancaster (13)

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Player of the game

Mark - Once again Mark carried us for a good chunk of the game, with some amazing saves against Division 1 national players. It was funny to see how frustrated their players were getting as it seemed no matter how hard they tried, Mark was still able to get his hands to the ball and stop many attacks.


Lancaster was a really tough team, they train harder than we do, they train more than we do and many of the players play in the national division 1 league including the goalkeeper.

The fact that we kept the score similar per quarter, stopped many attacks (Luke's great defense against national players), converted attacks to goals, and held our own. Really shows how far as a team we've come. I think you should all be really proud that we can go head to head with these teams and challenge them more than higher-level teams.

To learn from this game I think our fitness held us back (100% me included), let's train harder when we can as I think it will really help us.

Game Stats

2Chris V
6Rick T1
8Chris R2

Some favorite player moments

Fergus played really well when he was in and scored a great goal.

Theo scored some cracking goals, the cheeky one a bit like a basketball ball dunk I think the second quarter was amazing the spectators were all gobsmacked and I was loving it also did some great work getting up and tracking back.

Was a tough call last night so many players doing well.

I just think we're unlucky or not quite there as a unit/team yet as it's early days for us all playing together.

Amazing defense by the team as I said last night and again by Noah in pit. We really stumped their pit attack and lost most of our goals on the quick counter.

Another loss but as a team I think we're getting stronger and stronger we just need to keep it up in the second half and defo last quarter.

Mark made some outstanding saves especially close up ones too

Dec making sure he gets the drama queen award (we love you dec ❤️)

Noah at the back being a defensive beast

Luke had a fantastic defensive play against a division 1 national player

Theos' overhead catch for a cheeky backward lob