Sharks (7) - Lancaster (13)

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Player of the game

Theo - Thanks everyone, I won't go on about all the amazing things I did but I thought Mark played amazingly and was a close second in the polls.

Honourable Mentions

Chris Raffo - With 28 goals and 11 majors across his 15 games with the club, Chris Raffo plays his last game (for now) with the club. Hopefully you get voted POTM at least once with your new club.


This game was tight, the level of tightness some of us can only aspire to be.

We had a sloppy start, only scoring a single goal in the first quarter, to Lancaster's 5. They thought they had us pinned ....down 😏, but in the second quarter we would show them the glorious power of our great shark nation, with a whopping 5 goals to their 2. A lot of these players are national level, so it must have hurt to be spanked back on the ass and not in the fun way.

The third quarter had close, amazing saves, amazing non-existent own goals, close shots, some drama and some laughs. We did an amazing full 30-second man-up, which is what we've trained to do, so everyone should be proud. We scored 1 and they scored 2.

The last quarter really showed our level of fitness. They didn't take the game away, but sort of crept up with the odd few goals. It was good to see everyone in good spirits even though we let it slip. It really showed that everyone enjoys the competitiveness but wants to have fun.

Really good result, Sharks! You should all be proud of your part.

Game Stats

2Jacob D3
5Ant K
6Rick T1
12Chris T
13Chris R

Some favourite player moments

The fab saves from Mark!!! Arms of steel!! 💪💪

Noah’s shooting skills. Raffo scoring a goal…

Amazing 2 and 11 twelths worth of quarters from the sharks. Final score didn't do us justice. To be 7-7 in the 3rd is amazing against a team like Lancaster. We just need to work on getting through to the end.

Theo with some amazing pitwork and some great goals. Loving the high balls into the pit for tap/flick into goal. Unlucky we didn't get more tonight.

Mostly good defence. Especially on man-downs.

Mans ups were set up quickly and the ball was passed around using the 20s.

Good use of the 30-second clock. Dumping the ball and giving the team time to get back.

Great teamwork. People not having digs at each other.

In First quarter there was a lot of hesitation on where to pass the ball/shoot, however, the pace picked up from Q3 onwards

Team played very well but the score would have been a lot worse. Mark defended several goals including a couple of close ones that were certainly going in. Ricks great save, a fast team counterattack and some great penalties from Jake.

Theo’s punch was on message 😀

The second quarter was pretty incredible and we managed to claw back a lot of goals, Theo in particular had a really good performance in this quarter. Mark's unofficial own goal was hilarious, The ref didn't see it luckily, it absolutely went in though lol. The new kit looked great for the match and the rainbow colours went really well with the caps. Dec managing to get no majors was great to see, though he'll have to try harder next time so Noah and Daz don't steal the major queen crown.

Mark's was on true form with his saves. Definitely kept the Sharks in the game at points

Mark was under a barrage of powerful shots but he was on great form and made some amazing saves.

Chicken fillets in the pub!

Mark was wonderful in goal again. Raffo put in a stint in his final game and he will be missed ❤

Our second and third quarters were amazing

Our wacky man-down tactic of marking man to man with no keeper … followed by Lancaster laughing at us!

The sheer emotion of it being Raffo’s last game

Raffo’s face when he realises he was starting his last match on the bench

Wish I would’ve got some more game time, but generally had fun

Mark was a wall in goal. Jacob D was very good in offense. Raffo was inspirational throughout. Dec played well defensively