Sharks 7 - Chester 22

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By teobot 127 views 4 months ago

Player of the game

Fergus - Firing back-to-back goals and crushing in the pit against two ogres


Not much to say about this game, we were a little sluggish to start but managed to keep it level until the last half, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong.

I don't really know what to type here as I don't remember as I've already forgotten about the match. so here is a shark crossword

Game Stats

2Chris V
5Ant K
8Jack M
12Jacob D

Some favourite player moments

Robbie's effortless goals, tough game and not really that fun to play

It was a tough match, in the first quarter Mark was working really hard in goal and was responsible for a lot of the defence, picking up players that had slipped through by coming out of the net, you could tell this level of work was unsustainable though but he put up a valiant effort.

Jack M did some good work tracking back and staying tight. Some great shots from Robbie and Theo.

Big sluggish to start, some amazing saves from Mark. Bella’s repeated drives in Q3-4 were fantastic.

I thought Mark played amazingly in the first two quarters then got very stressed, not helped by the high number of goals.

Fergus is POTM (Pete always calls him Fergie) because of some great pit work, most notably a great backhand goal despite being marked by two bruising Chester players

Fergus fired back-to-back goals straight past the keeper and Mark spent more time out of goal for the first quarter at the back.

Fergus good work in the pit

Some great shooting from Fergie Non stop an effort from Bella