Sharks (6) vs Chester Goblins (21)

Manchester’s LGBTQ+ Water Polo Clubrainbow
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Player of the game

Mark and Theo - This game was a tie between Mark and Theo, Mark was amazing as per, Theo didn't do or play anything special so thank you.

Honourable Mentions

was great to see Chris T in the water, holding his own against the fun-sucking trolls in the water.


Chester was a challenging game to play. The pool was tiny and shallow, which made it difficult to move around and control the ball. Chester also made a number of major fouls, including punching and kicking our players. The ref seemed to be ignoring these fouls, which made the game even more frustrating. According to the scoresheet, we were the dirty players, majoring Chester four times. We only received one major, and the ref sent out our player as well, making the total number of majors zero in our favor.

Despite the challenges, we played well. We kept our cool and didn't retaliate to Chester's dirty play. We also tried to change up our tactics, which helped us score a few goals. Thank you, Chris Raffo, for attempting this. We were slow to try this, and if we had changed it up quicker, it might have benefited us more.

It's disappointing that this kind of behaviour still happens in polo. We should appreciate the refs that we get for our games, as this is a reminder that it can get worse. We should also be proud of ourselves for playing fair, even when the other team wasn't.

Game Stats

2Chris Raffo1
3Jacob D1
6Rick T
9Chris T

Some favourite player moments

Pool was too small. Ref wasn’t very good and missed lots of major fouls

Getting mauled and scratched and kneed in the back to just win a minute foul was fun

Great to see Chris playing - especially when he subbed in for Rick. Like watching the next generation take over!

We started the fourth quarter well and took the lead All our goals were well taken We all pretty much kept our cool despite some terrible reffing and brutal play from Chester

Someone (can't remember who it was) ( <= Was Chris Raffo) tried to change the tactics to 2-2-2 instead of 3-3. Not sure if it worked, but a big shout for suggesting and trying something new!

Not that ref.

It was hard to pick an outstanding performer with the refereeing and the cramped play conditions so I thought I’d be fair and pick myself

Mark was pretty sikkk as per Genuinely can’t remember much as I do think I got a concussion

Ref bad. Effort good.

Great that water polo has taken the next step in inclusivity by training blind people to referee

Tough match against a strong team used to playing in a very confined pool. We didn’t adapt our game quick enough and the results speak for themselves.