Sharks (6) vs Chester (19)

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Player of the game

Rick T - Rick played brilliantly at Chester. Much like Batman, Rick was always there when you needed him, lurking in the water, ready to pounce. He did an amazing job of breaking down the quick Chester attacks and counters, often providing the crucial pass back to our Sharks to give us the chance to get back into the fight... legend says he will return when the world needs him most.

Honorable Mentions

Fergus - So close to the POTM, played extremely well.

Dec - Keeping his cool even in tough circumstances and managing to bag a goal.

Ruben - Scoring his first goal of the season, a 1-meter bounce on 3 meters no less.

Luke - Also scored his first goal, a banger really, also replacing Theo in the pit (and did better)


Going into this game I think we all knew it was going to be tough, we didn't have many of our normal first team, but I'm glad it didn't seem to reduce the vibes and I like to think we all had a great time.

Our defense was really good, Ant did a great job and is becoming a pit master. I think where most of the goals came from was counters, we need to be quicker tracking back with a team so eager to counter.

Just like I said in the game and what the Ref said afterwards, The game is designed to give us half the time of the match to try and score, It seemed we were too eager to rush the attack instead of either scoring or running the clock out to reduce the time Chester have to score.

A couple of us had chances to shoot and didn't, I don't mind you having a shot if there are no passes or opportunities, just make sure there isn't anyone sitting free before you do.

What we can also work on for next time is positioning with the ball, remember, the furthest distance between the player and the ball is shoulder to shoulder and extended arm.

Game Stats

2Chris V11
6Rick T1

Some favorite player moments

Rick's really good defending

Mark not concentrating a couple of times and letting them shoot from far out

Rubens bounce shot from 3 meters

luke's first goal

Ant's great defending

Rick always being in the right place

Dec's goal where it slipped through the goalies' hands (he looked very surprised)

one of their players having a go at Dec and Dec being the calm and confused one (I think the jury is still out on this one ❤️)

even though Dec runs hot, I think he had a good work rate, even got us a sneaky goal and did lots of tracking back and putting them under pressure on the counterattack

Rubens cracking bounce shot and Luke getting into good positions

Marks great saves

Love the positivity in the pool

Good passing and felt everyone was fair with pool time

Ricks creating positions and driving in play

Fergus did excellent pit work and he worked hard to create space in attack, generally read the game well

Luke and Ant being cracking members of the team who are both really putting in the effort