Sharks (19) - Tyldesley (20)

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Player of the game

Noah - Noah worked his ass off in the pit once again, he went toe-to-toe with an international water polo player and frequently came out on top. Not only did he defend pit excellently but went up to score some cracking goals. A very well-deserved player of the match nomination, bringing a new level of water polo to the sharks.


We got off to a great start, the score was 6-2 to us at the end of the first quarter, this might be news to a couple of you considering the table didn't update the scoreboard from 4-4 until the first 7 minutes ended and then changed it to 8-4.

I feel that we could have easily beaten this team, it was very close and if we had calmed down and not made some silly mistakes we could have been up a few goals. Most of their goals came from the same person in the pit, Noah did well to fend off a lot but we need to back him up, a good chunk of their goals came from rebounds, for next time let's make sure we are covering those.

The reffing could be considered as inconsistent which is normal for the local league, our best bet, in this case, is to listen closely to the coach as he gets a better overview of the game and sees things we don't.

Even though it was close, It wasn't disappointed, it just makes us ready for next time for when we kick their ass.

Game Stats

2Chris V
6Rick T1
7Chris R22
10Bella3 (wrapped)4

Some favorite player moments

Theo did a lot of work and created plenty of scoring opportunities for others

Bella's sniper shot from far away right into the right top corner

Rishos two cheeky goals in the shallow end from the same spot

Noah did some great work in defense in the pit again and a few goals too.

Some great goals under pressure by Theo as per usual and earned us a lot of man-ups that helped us a lot in the first half.

Gutted for us last night would have loved to take the win

Jakes shot that bounced straight over the keepers' hands loved that

Noah had a couple of cracking goals

Rishos Lob

Chris R for his work rate even after getting a knee to the back of the head.

When Noah pulled his hamstring