Sharks (16) - Radcliffe (10)

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Player of the game

Bella - She was on fire this game, she had so many sneaky goals that really boosted our game, even after taking a hit she kept going.

Coaches player of the game

Rick - 70% of passes from the goalkeeper went through Rick up the left side of the pool, providing a crucial pathway. He kept a very tight game and was very calm throughout.


We took to the pitch against Radcliffe with the determination to win. The first quarter started well for the Sharks, with Bella scoring a quick goal followed by two more from Jacob and Raffo. Radcliffe fought back, but the Sharks held on to their lead with Theo scoring another, going into the second quarter 4-2.

The second quarter was our best of the game. We played as a team, moving the ball quickly and creating chances. Bella scored another goal, and Theo added two more. Radcliffe were unable to keep up, and the Sharks went into halftime with a comfortable 9-4 lead after Raffo also managed to bag two goals.

The third quarter was a different story. Radcliffe came out fighting, and the Sharks were slow to adapt to their new tactics. Radcliffe scored three goals in quick succession, and the Sharks were suddenly on the back foot. They only managed to score one goal in the quarter, and Radcliffe closed the gap to 10-7.

The Sharks knew they needed to step it up in the fourth quarter if they wanted to win. They listened to Pete's instructions and played with renewed urgency. They scored six goals in the quarter, while Radcliffe could only manage three. The final score was 16-10 to the Sharks.

The Sharks' performance was a mixed bag. They started well, but they were slow to adapt to Radcliffe's changes in tactics in the third quarter. However, they showed great character in the fourth quarter to pull away and win the game.

Game Stats

2Chris Raffo14
5Ant K1
6Rick T1
8Jack M
11Chris J

Some favourite player moments

Some amazing goals! Beat from Bella with the 'hand of god' also from Theo that back hand goal was ace! Glad to get a birdseye view of the match to see how the game is played. I will definitely cone to cheer you all on again.

Bella was on fire, she had so many sneaky goals that really pulled us ahead.

Bella was also a real trouper after being severly winded, she was ready to go back in after recovery and props to Mark for helping her out of the pool, he set a great example for taking care of our fellow team mates

Chris Rafo had some great goals, really clean from tricky angles, but dont let it go to his head.

Rick was an absolute beast on the wing, amazing defence and he made so many opportunities swimming up and keeping wide, he was always in the right position at the right time.

It was great to have Daz back in the water and even sneaking in a cheeky goal.

water too wet and the ball too round

Mark made some really impressive saves, as per usual.

. Charismatic leader and all round handsome guy Raffo extends his sharks record to 3-0.
. There might have been moments that onlookers and supporting crowds might have thought the sharks would lose.
. They’d be wrong, the enigmatic trailblazer whom shall not be named grabbed the reigns and drove the sharks
. forward into Valhalla. Assists, goals, and even getting a black eye, Chris raffo did it all.
. Theo has to do shooting practice from 2m as he easy missed 400 shots from pit. 399 given perfectly by Chrisn raffo
. Rick T decided, “if you want to be the best, find out what Chris Raffo does and do it yourself” - Brian Tracy

Rick T was unreal. Was our pivot between attack and defence. Perfectly controlled the pace of the game, very high IQ performance in my humble opinion

I loved all the movement, it made it so much easier to play with people driving in and moving into space. Communication between everyone was really good this game.

Really great defense forced them to come and attack us or be smothered in attack which meant we could counter attack really well.

Selfishly I felt on absolute fire with my distribution but that was down to great movement.

Honourable mention to Ant B for getting some amazing footage of the game hope to see more of it 🙌

Great worked man ups and some great goals and assists. Defence strong