Sharks (15) vs Warrington (5)

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Player of the game

Jacob D - Incredibly well-played game from Jacob breaking the most goals scored in a match record for this season, he played well in all positions and provided great support in defence.

Coaches Player of the game

Daz - All-round good defence. Did exactly what I asked him to do. And scored. Followed a close second Jack. Some good steals. Worked hard when in the water. But overall everyone everyone played very well...


What a brilliant game by the Sharks, from all our players! We rocketed off to a great start in the first quarter, scoring 4 goals to Warrington's 1. This was a surprise to many, as we tend to struggle in the first half while we adapt and get into the rhythm.

The second quarter was closer, with both teams scoring 2 goals each. However, it was clear that Warrington was determined to get ahead, as they gave away 12 majors. We made some necessary changes to our defence and counterattacks, and in the third quarter, we were unstoppable. Mark and Jacob made some amazing saves, and we scored 4 goals without conceding any.

The last quarter was more relaxed for us, as Warrington was clearly frustrated and annoyed. They managed to score a few more goals, but we were comfortable winners in the end.

Overall, it was a great game with a positive attitude from all our players. I hope we can play like this every game, regardless of whether we are winning or losing.

Game Stats

2Jacob D7
4Ant K2
5Rick T
7Jack M1

Some favorite player moments

Some really great play and some incredible penalty shots

daz amazing lob, Jacob scoring tons of great goals, Mark's amazing saves, Jack M getting a pen, Ant K murdering in the pit, Noah did something idk what though, Bella for giving it 100%

Daz somehow managed to score a vertical lob

Bella looked like she was getting pummelled at a few points but gave as good as she got and performed brilliantly

Mark made some great saves

Bella didn’t stop swimming and Ant earned his two majors with some tough play

Jake’s shooting was great

Some good man down defending from Sharks

Loved seeing Number 2 miss a penalty and then get wrapped

Rick played his usual no-nonsense polo with maximum effort

Fergus stole the ball well and was flying up and down the pool.

We executed a really good drop for a large portion of the game which was really effective

It was nice to see us using the clock and not rushing too much as well, we felt in control of the game.

Mark had a great low stop in the 3rd and saved the penalty

Jack put in some great work tracking up and down against the Warrington younglings. Got himself in a good goal-scoring position but sadly got fouled. Seems to be improving game after game and never looked out of his depth. Really nice to see the newer players getting plenty of game time hopefully this can continue all matches not just the ones we are winning.

Ant did great at reading the run of play and tracking back to cover before one of our players shot to help stamp out any counterattacks.

Fergie his usual workhorse up and down the pool. Even after blowing chunks in the store room.

Theo and Bella worked hard to upset the other team getting lots of fouls and penalties which really helped boost our tally.

We still need to work on some picking up players in defence people aren't looking to see if they can help out their teammates. Sometimes you might be closer to an attacker who's in a dangerous position.

Mark was solid at the back and with his distribution. The whole team worked really hard for a deserved win. Pete was great from the bank and with his instructions.