Sharks (15) vs Tyldesley (9) 2024

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Player of the game

Robbie - the eternal salmon rising time after time to swot the ball away causing the ever so surreal situation where it felt like we were playing volleyball.

Honorable Mentions

Fergus - Amazing last win for our long standing fergy, you'll be missed and our doors will always be open if you decide to return.


We got off to a strong start, scoring 3 goals in the first 3 minutes. Tyldesley would fire back with a couple of their own, but we would nab a couple more before the quarter ended.

Statistically, if we win the first 2 quarters, our chances to win the entire game are very high, so we had a lot to prove.

It was a long quarter, very back-and-forth with some amazing plays. Daz got 2 majors because he refuses to take his hands off the opposition's bums. 'I can't help it!' he shouted after his second major. Let's work on this, Daz!

The third quarter saw us cement our lead. It was nice to see a rotation of players, everyone held themselves well. It would be our second-best quarter behind the first.

The final quarter was tough. Tyldesley were desperate for fouls, they started diving more and more to get opportunities. 'I'm a massive idiot' (or something along those lines) was exclaimed from the bench. This caught the refs' attention, red cards started flying. 'It was me,' said Daz, owning up to shouting 'I'm a massive twat' (again, I can't remember).

Pete would take the yellow for not controlling the team. If this was a red card! It would have been a point deduction for the team and a ban for the coach. I cannot stress the importance of being quiet on the bench.

In conclusion, it was a great game to play, a lovely first win for the season, and some of the best plays so far occurred.

Game Stats

2Jacob D13
6Rich T1
7Jack M
9Chris T

Some favourite player moments

Some amazing point blank saves from Mark - one in particular on a man down was unbelievable

Jake scoring by just passing it into the massive space the goalie left open

Jake swimming all the way up only for Theo to not pass to him

A sublime one-two between Bella and Theo

Fergie missing a penalty in his last game 🥲

Rick with some really tough defending

Dr Nick trying a cheeky backhand shot

Theo scoring an impressive backhand

Pete nearly talking himself into a red card when the ref was about to let him off

Mark had a blinder, played so well in net with some amazing saves. Myself and Theo's little 1-2's were a lot of fun. People were switched on to dropping and our defence felt solid.

Rick T solid again with one or two really crucial defensive sets.

Lovely to have Nick back in the pool stealing well and pacing it up the pool.

Need to check our mouths ever now and again refs will give bad calls if we react to them we build up a reputation. Let's stay calm especially when we are in control of a game.