Sharks (14) vs Tyldesley (17)

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Player of the game

Jack M - This comment sums it up really well "Jack Millington got really stuck in and was not afraid to go right up to to goal to attack and defend".


We launched into a strong start, Tyldesley were clearly not ready for the heat. We would beat them out, but things were about to get spicy.

The second quarter was even, they would try to flip it over on us, but this isn't the first time the Sharks have been tightly marked by a group of men. At some moments, I had to fend off two players at the same time.


⚠️⚠️ The third quarter incident ⚠️⚠️

The quarter would start off like any other. A black cat could be seen on poolside. We should have taken this as a sign of the events about to unfold.

In the tumultuous chaos of the water polo match, amidst the churning bodies and splashing water, a sinister act unfolded. Amidst the cacophony of cheers and jeers, a single player's actions sent shockwaves through the crowd. As the referee's whistle pierced the din, signaling both players' expulsions, a chilling realization gripped the spectators. The incident was not merely a foul, but a glimpse into the depths of depravity lurking beneath the surface of the game.


We won the last quarter and the game sort of just ended.

Game Stats

2Chris V1
3Jacob D13
6Rick T2
8Jack M
10Ant K1
12Chris T

Some favourite player moments

Chris amazing goal, Robbie's bangers, Theo's long shot and pit play.

It was definitely a game of two halves. Great work from Robbie on the wings, he was always making opportunities and constantly moving.

Some great goals from Jake.

Their keeper scoring two goals from the other side of the pool was funny but did nothing to the overall score, bad luck Mark.

Jack M worked hard when he was in the water and did a good job tracking back.

Noah getting wrapped was sad to see but he took it well and kept his cool.

It was great to have Chris V back in the pool, it really looked like he was going to score after swimming in with the ball so it was gutting when it hit the post.

Great shots from Jake from 6 meters

Glad Dec managed to keep his cool in a tough match (cough cough)

Great overall performance from Mark Great first half

Great performances in the last quarter by everyone in the pool, it showed that people from outside the starting 7 can also play decent game against a tough opponent

Post match feeling would have been a 10 if it wasn’t for the third quarter

Plenty of amazing saves!!!

Mark played exceptionally well.

Jack played confidently and kept good position.

Loads of wangers from theo Robbie and jacob

Robbie gave lots of options and some great goals on the right.

The drop in the 4th worked well and took the centre forward out the game for most parts.

Mark - sorry for the goalies first goal. Id switched of like most in the 3rd quarter. I refuse to apologies for last goal haha.

Some great covering back again by ant.

Amazing shots from theo and jake out on the top of the arc.

Jack Millington got really stuck in and was not afraid to go right up to to goal to attack and defend