Sharks (14) vs Tyldesley (16)

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Player of the game

Robbie - Great goals and great looks, Robbie had them both in a cracking show of feat.

Honourable Mentions

Rick T, Bella and Noah

very close tied Second.


First quarter was a real battle. The pool is small, and we don't get much training with large goals, but we matched Tyldesley's pace and scored a great 5 goals, compared to their 5.

The second quarter was tougher. We needed to score more than we did to stand a better chance. We didn't make full use of the large goals and found attacking the shallows difficult. In the third quarter we clearly did better attacking the deep and defending the shallows. Both quarters where we attacking the deep were more successful. This aligns with our skills and pool limitations. With practice, we'll be beating them next year.

Things took a drastic turn in the last quarter. The second referee started making strange decisions... wait... there wasn't a second referee? Just the other team's coach? That makes sense.

Overall a great last game! Once we have more experience attacking the shallows, they'll be an easy team to beat.

Game Stats

5Ant K
6Rick T1
7Chris T
8Jack M1

Some favourite player moments

Robbie played really well, some silly passes and shots when we shouldn't have,
Robbie did some insane no look pass back goal, overall played really well

The ref was the other team's coach: this is the second time I know this has happened, the first was from the secretary of the league which sets a terrible example. Both matches featured acts of brutality and I don't think were enjoyed by the team. We always have arranged an independent ref so I think it is the least they can do: if they can't then the match should be either rescheduled or conceded.

I thought Robbie made some exceptional shots but Bella's determination and perseverance stood out for me ☺️

Great shooting from Theo Amazing saves from Mark Mark’s calming and motivational team talks Noah scored a great penalty Great assist from Gareth to set Tyldesley up

Impressive grit for us to get back into this game, especially in the third quarter We also managed to slow the game down at times and keep the ball Some great defensive work from Jack

Rick literally never stops swimming Great passing from Chris to Rick for a goal … it’s as if they’re related! Bella’s scream after scoring a penalty followed by a screaming match with their keeper

Absolutely phenomenal performance from everyone.

Robbie had some cracking goals, especially from the wing. Bella whooping like a frat bro at the end was hilarious and terrifying but it seemed to work at intimidating the tyldsley team. Mark was incredible in goal as is tradition. great to see so many people scoring.

Bella on Fire with her counter attacks 🔥🔥🔥

Theo’s not goal and Bella scoring celebrating with their goalie

Jack's big block

Other than the questionable VAR decisions on goals and the imaginary ref just not giving the other ref the right calls. The game was actually well played by us, we have always struggled in shallow deep pools and other than the final quarter we really held our own. Some great dropping and some wild goals. An unlucky loss