Sharks (12) vs Liverpool (15)

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Player of the game

Bella - The great Bella shark has returned, powering her way up and down the pool in a magnificent display of polo. Great drives, shots, and plays, it's really good to see her back in action.


Wow, what a "eventful" game.

Time for the obvious, there was a lot of arguing, push-back, chatting back, or just looking annoyed after the refs' decisions.

We are acting like we are victims of the refs' decisions. We cannot control what the ref does, so let us focus on what we can control, our attitude and decisions.

We need to reduce this in the water and on the bench, it's not sustainable and will eventually have larger implications on the league and our teams' performance.

I don't expect us to suddenly change overnight, but can we start thinking about, I am acting like a Manchester Shark? and Is this what the Sharks are about? Is this the way I want my family or friends to see me acting when they are spectating?

Back to the game, We had a slow start with a couple of goals in the first quarter, and a similarly paced second quarter.

Into the third quarter, we started getting into it, we picked up the pace and started listening, the last quarter was our best, the score going in was 7-14, we would dominate this quarter and bring it back to 12-15. Let's reflect on what worked well for each of us, and experiment with it to get us going earlier into the match.

Game Stats

3Jacob D3
6Rick T
7Dec3 (W)
8Chris R3
13Fergus3 (W)

Some favorite player moments

Theos salmon like dive to get the ball from Fergus

Bella doing a massive dummy to pass to Theo for the finish

Bella in general played amazing, so good to see her back in the water

Chris Raffo also played really really well

Pete got red carded

Reffing wasn't good but we definitely need to work on calling back

Noah did really well in pit

Riso I thought was very strong and well really well

Mark as usual did some amazing saves

Riso shot that went between the goalies' arms

Dazs lovely pass back to the goaly, well done (...dont ask which goaly though 😲)

Luke was strong and did well, nearly getting a shot off in pit

Mark made some cracking saves and steals

Risho scored a great goal

Daz lobbed one into the top corner after the buzzer 😂 2 players and a coach sent off lol

Theo's fantastic backhand in the hole into the top corner

Raffo didn’t stop trying to get forward and score and that paid off in the last quarter. His motivational talks were also good.

I took a lot of negatives away from that game but I thought Theo generally had a good game and played better than everyone else.

Pete thinking Theo wasn't working hard enough on the sub's bench!

Dec with the perfect comment "I've been really good today and not got in trouble" only to then be in the sin bin 20 seconds later 😂